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Procurement, Procurement management, Ordermanagement, supplier, partner, partnermanagement, Negotiation, purchaser, procurementreferent, and purchasingclerk


Accounting, Accountant, controller, analysis, project controlling, overhead cost controlling, Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, ERP-System, financialaccounting, fa, and payrollaccounting


SAP, SAP R2, SAP-R2, SAP R3, Sage, PeopleSoft, Sage ERP, Sage CRM, SAP Module, SAP FI, SAP CO, and SAP TR

corporate communications

corporate communications, communications, editor, texter, author, editing, blogging, copywriting, journalism, and puplic relations


auditor, auditing, accounting, comany's auditor, comany's-auditor, comany'sauditor, controller, accounter, taxationlaw, taxation auditor, taxation-auditor, taxationauditor, and taxation